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  • Rectangular Double Ended Nail Set

Rectangular Double Ended Nail Set

model: HNS01R

The HART rectangular double ended nail set has revolutionary rectangular tips optimized for setting pneumatics nails. This nail set minimizes nail bends versus using standard nail sets. Also, the innovative double ended design helps you to avoid losing your different tips, and removes the need to memorize various color coded sizes.

  • Revolutionary rectangular tips optimized for pneumatic nails
  • Innovative double ended design = 2 sizes in 1
  • Swiveling bit and spring loaded locking cap
  • Anti-Slip Grip

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  • » Handle Length: 3"
  • » Tip Size: 16 and 18 gauge
  • » Weight: .026 lbs
Signature Features
  • Double Ended » Double Ended
    Save time and space in your bag by having 2 bit sizes within 1 tool
  • Anti-Slip » Anti-Slip
    Gives you the ability to drive your nail without fear of slipping