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  • 3.5 In. Hook Roofing Cutter Blade Kit

3.5 In. Hook Roofing Cutter Blade Kit

model: HBH353

These blades are made specifically for the HART H040SCA roofing cutter. Combined with the roofing cutter, the blades provide seamless cutting of straight edges and superior cutting in cold weather. These blades will cut through a wide range of applications including shingles, roofing paper and asphalt roll roofing.

  • - Included blades cut through a variety of material including shingles, roofing paper, and asphalt roll roofing to cover all roofing needs
  • - Blades offer seamless cutting of straight edges provides more efficient job site applications
  • - Blades offer superior cutting in cold weather to reduce down time

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  • » Blade Cutting Material: High Carbon Steel
  • » Blade Length: 3.5"
  • » 3 Roofing Hook Blades
Signature Features
  • Shingles » Shingles
  • Asphalt Roll » Asphalt Roll
  • Roofing Paper » Roofing Paper
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